The Rescued Kangaroo Insists On Petting The Bed Daily With Dad

No one will say ‘no’ to leisure time on the cozy couch where the favorite TV show is played. But when this is your daily routine, it can be a bit overwhelming. Well, this is how this lazy kangaroo spends his days. Everyone, meet Rufus, the worst joey in the world.

Now that Rufus is over 4 years old, his life has not always been like that. The kangaroo rescued when he was eight months old ended up in the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston, South Australia. Fortunately, he found all the love and comfort he needed here, from Kym Haywood and her husband Neil, who runs the sanctuary. The caring couple and the rescued kangaroo were so attached that they decided to keep Rufus in their home. Now, he lives there as the owner of that place or at least the bed.


Rufus likes to spend his days on a comfortable sofa and cuddle with his dad. But both Neil and Kim quickly realized that the sofa was not enough for all of them. Of course, Rufus wants it all for himself and perhaps his father. Because he asks him to rub his stomach from time to time, Neil gladly hands it over.


“When he started doing it, we thought it was the most beautiful thing, Rufus was so different from the others, we could see how much he loved the bed and how safe he felt there,” Kym explained. “He goes to his deepest sleep because he knows it’s very safe and it’s okay to watch TV.”

However, the Haywoods don’t even care that there is no more place on the couch for them. The most important thing for them is to see Rufus feels comfortable and happy!
See Rufus’ reaction when his mother tells him it’s time to go to bed!


Rufus’ mother says: “We go with what makes him happy. “He’s a little crazy. If he does not want to sit us next to him, he gently pushes us.”

Although they love Rufus as much as their baby, these gentle people also have a heart for other animals too. So far, they have rescued 28 kangaroos, two wombats, and two wolves from their sanctuary. “I have always been an animal lover and I know about having a sanctuary, I know what I have put on this planet,” Kym said proudly.


You can connect with Rufus more by following him on Instagram.

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