The beautiful scene shows a Golden Retriever and a soft whale sharing a kiss on a boat trip

At the sweetest encounter you’ve ever seen, the Golden Retriever befriends a whale shark. This cute couple even shared a kiss, and that moment was captured on camera by the dog’s human mother!

Jade Pursell, an Australian diver, usually takes her dog Sailor on boat trips. But recently, after seeing her beloved furry friend for the first time in marine life, she saw a scene that she thought about earlier. The two were rowing near the Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Australia when a 22-foot-long whale shark appeared near their boat. Jade’s heart was instantly filled with happiness as she watched her dog share a very intimate encounter with the whale shark.

Instagram/Jade Pursell

“The sailor has never seen a whale shark before,” the diver said. “I hoped she would do it, but it’s better than I thought. I told her not to touch it but they did not listen to me. Next, the sailor sniffed and kissed him.”

Although initially worried because the sailor did not know how to react, Jade’s anxiety subsided the moment she saw her dog gently touch the shark’s nose.

Instagram/Jade Pursell

“I was very happy,” she said. “When I saw her meet a whale shark, I was frankly thrilled. Animals are unbelievable and it could not be better. My first concern was whether she would take a leap of faith on the shark or she would touch it. Once the shark became very close to her, I realized that there was nothing to worry about.”

Instagram/Jade Pursell

The sailor may have been the first dog to kiss a whale shark, and her mother may not be proud. Luckily, Jade recorded the beautiful moment when the two animals interact!

“It was an innocent interaction,” Jade explained. “I was very lucky to see it. It is very special to think that the only dog in the world who kissed a whale shark is a sailor.
You also can watch that rare encounter below!

Watch the rare encounter below!

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