The world’s smallest possum is still alive on an Australian island

The little pygmy possum, also known as the smallest possum species in the world, which was initially thought to be extinct, has been found alive but.

This small animal was first found on the Australian kangaroo island after a devastating wildfire that affected the region a year ago. Nearly 90% of the island was devastated by the catastrophic wildfires and many species were thought to be wiped out forever. However, more than 20 species of animals, including pygmy possums, have been found alive, making things look better than previously thought.


The discovery was made by the Wildlife Conservation Team for Kangaroo Island Land. “This capture is the first documented record of a species surviving after a post-wildfire fire,” zoologist Pat Hodgens told the Guardian Australia.


Craig Wickham, managing director of Exceptional Kangaroo Island, told Newsweek: Their sightings through motion sensor cameras bring joy to the island after fears that a record 300 to 500 endangered Martian habitats will be destroyed. Native to Kangaroo Island and Tasmania, only 113 reported occasional pygmy possums have been reported in southern Australia and the states of Victoria. It weighs about 0.35 ounces and is extremely difficult to identify.

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