16 Individuals That Caught Rare Moments on Their Cam (Part 2)

Everyone touches their phone approximately 2,617 times daily, the research located. And it’s not only to phone your mother and father, to text your coworkers, and also to inspect Instagram. In some cases, we get our phones when we happen to see something truly incredible. And the good news is there are many online spaces to share your searchings for. Silver lining gathered 8 sights that made us happy someone picked up a camera to capture so we can keep them in our memories for life.

9. “Frog-shaped hole in a sidewalk”

© NofriendoLand / reddit

10. “This leopard shark at the aquarium says ’I AM.’”

© Footba11Joe / reddit

11. “Glitch in the matrix”

© JackOfBadTrades / imgur

12. “A school bus in Amsterdam”

© davekmv / reddit

13. “Bag of chips swelled up after driving from 400′ elevation to 4400′ elevation.”

© AllForTeags / reddit

14. “An owl that’s been carved into a tree, along my favorite forest trail”15. “A real-life lion turtle”

© glibar / reddit

15. “A real-life lion turtle”

© spookynoodle_em / reddit

16. “This rat getting an ultrasound”

© Humane Society of Chittenden County/Facebook© hsccvt / Instagram© hsccvt.org© Humane Society of Chittenden County / YouTube

Preview photo credit Lysca / imgur

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