Meet J50 – The “Happiest Baby Orca In The World”

Meet J50, the six-month-old orca whose energy and enthusiasm is unmatched in the marine world

It’s hard to think any other marine animal can be as happy as she is, earning her the title of the ‘happiest baby orca on earth.’

Since her birth, the little whale has been often spotted breaching and frolicking about the waters of the Salish Sea, BC in Canada.

These stunning photos were taken of J50 by wildlife photographer Clint Rivers in the Salish Sea.

Michael Harris is the executive director of PWWA, he was speaking to Global News about the ‘world’s happiest baby orca’:

“Her energy is astounding –- I guess not unlike my small kids. She’s constantly leaping into the air, and often curling up and doing belly flops…Doing what baby orcas do,”

J50’s birth was a cause for celebration for conservationists as there hadn’t been a successful birth in her community for almost three years.

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