This Adorable Husky Kisses The Firefighter Who Rescues Him!

Firefighters risk their own lives to rescue us. And it’s not only humans, they’re helping rescue animals as well. So, if humans are so pleased with these true heroes, an adorable dog cannot be different. This rescued husky chose the sweetest way to present his appreciation to the firefighters who saved his life. And the moment is absolutely heartening.

Wells Fire Department

Some passerby saw a Husky stuck on the roof of a house, so they instantly informed the authorities. After that, captain Jeff Nawfel arrived quickly at the scene. It did take too long for the skilled first responder to deal with this situation. After a few minutes, he managed to take the trapped husky down safely.

Wells Fire Department

According to captain Nawfel, The husky was pacing back and forth on the overhang over the entrance and It didn’t look very troubled. However, the husky left everyone there entirely speechless with the way he thanked captain Nawfel of the fire department. He presented his gratitude to his rescuer with a big kiss. Gratefully, the adorable moment was caught on camera and the snaps were, then shared on social media platforms.

Wells Fire Department

This beautiful husky succeeded to get out onto the roof through an upstairs window. Wells Maine Police received numerous calls about this situation. Wells Maine Police Officer McDonald, in association with the Wells Fire Department and worked together to rescue this adorable husky! Grateful to all that informed and helped save the husky. According to the fire department, the unlucky husky got on the roof through an open window in the house.

Watch the lovely moment here:

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