Adorable Toddler Caught On Camera Sneaking Out Of Bed To Cuddle With Dog

Finn and his best friend Brutus are inseparable even during sleep

Not many of us would opt to get out of bed at 3am. But for 2-year-old Finn Knudston, who has his best four-legged friend sleeping on the floor of his room, it is a different story.

In the sweet footage, you can see Finn reaching for his blanket in the middle of the night and climbing down to join Brutus on the floor.

Brutus barely notices, but Finn makes himself comfortable as he uses his furry bestie as a pillow.

Mother-of-four Paige set up the camera at home in Richmond, Virginia, to discover how her son ends up sharing a bed with the dog every night.

Paige says: “whether it be in the dog bed, Finn’s bed, or the floor, the two always sleep together.”

“Brutus is just a big teddy bear,” she told The Dodo. “He loves attention and loves to snuggle with people.”

Finn underwent multiple procedures immediately after his birth until he could have open-heart surgery.

“We were extremely lucky to have found this out prior to his birth, or he would not be here with us today,” Knudtson said.

Finn was finally able to go home after seven weeks, and when he got home, he had an instant connection with Brutus the dog.

“Once we got home, it was as if Brutus just knew Finn needed some extra close monitoring, and he has been by his side ever since,” Knudtson said.

The pair are inseparable, watching TV together, playing outside and even eating and napping together. It is heart-melting how much they adore each other!

“Brutus often curls up wherever Finn is sitting and follows him from room to room in our house,” Knudtson said.

“If Finn is sick, Brutus knows it and just stays right by Finn’s side or lays his head on Finn’s chest.”

Brutus is known to scratch at Finn’s bedroom door or pace around outside the room until he is allowed it. He hates to be separated from Finn.

“Finn just started sleeping in his ‘big boy bed’ a little over a month ago and that is when Brutus began crawling up and sleeping in Finn’s bed every night,” Knudtson said.

The gentle dog doesn’t mind being used as a pillow, as long as his brother is comfortable.

You can watch the adorable video here:

“Finn sleeps with Brutus all night, every night,” Knudtson said. “Whether it’s in the dog bed, Finn’s bed or the floor — the two always sleep together.”

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