These Amazing People Can Turn Everything Into Art

Some people see Art in areas and things that many of us would have never even thought of. They make a painting out of pistachio shells or paper clips or a sculpture from recycled metal or cardboard– they see the unique Art in the normal.

We at Bright Side are constantly right here to search for and discover manifestations of individuals’ imagination to show to our viewers.

1. This shark is made of salt.

© drawing_a_blank1 / Reddit

2. This guy makes sculptures out of recycled tires.

© Taazz10 / Reddit

3. This was done with pistachio shells.

© Notsoabc1 / Reddit

4. This man made a chimpanzee from cardboard in his backyard.

© tylergedman / Reddit

5. A leaf made of stained glass

© mewi2671 / Reddit

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