Meet Wally – The Adorable Bunny With The Huge “Wing-Like” Ears

Wally is an English Angora bunny and lives with his human Molly Prottas in the state of Massachusetts in the USA

Prottas became internet famous for her online commentary on her adorable videos that mainly feature Wally and his crazy ears.

“He’s a very unique, special rabbit with a great personality,” Prottas told ABC News today. “There are a lot of adorable bunnies on Instagram, but none quite like him.”

These sweet-looking bunnies are actually the oldest types of domestic bunnies and are bred specifically for their long, luscious hair.

The English Angora’s wool is softer than cashmere, they are full of personality and resemble little puppies/teddy bears.

Originally from Turkey, these popular bunnies quickly spread across Europe. Everyone had to have one and we can see why!

“When I first brought him home, he’d turn his head away from me, so his back was towards me.”

“He was making such a clear statement he didn’t trust me yet, which is so typically Wally.”

“He’s very cautious and scared to new things at first, but once he’s used to it, he just totally gets into it.”

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