40-ton humpback whale caught on camera jumping out of the water.

These whales are the biggest on the planet. Because they can weigh up to 40 tons, it isn’t likely that these huge animals will all jump out of the water. As the whale comes out of the water near South Africa, it looks like it’s taking off for a split second. This video is going viral because it’s so amazing.

Craig Capehart, a scuba diver, took the video off the coast of Mbotyi, South Africa. A grown-up whale weighs about 40 tons. As time went on, he shared the amazing video on YouTube, which now has more than a million subscribers! Because he and three other divers were looking for sardines, they could see the predators that came when the whale breached nearby.

A recording of an adult humpback whale jumping out of the water has never been made before. This is a very rare thing, says Craig in the description of the video he made. Humpback whale: “This is the first time that an adult humpback whale has been seen flying out of the water!” They were very lucky to see this. Take a look at the rare footage below!


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