A man finds a lost GoPro that has been filled with footage taken by a curious bear

What does a huge black bear do when it finds a lost GoPro camera? We’ve got the answer for you now!

Dylan Schilt was on a hunting trip in Wyoming when he saw what looked like a GoPro in the woods. The man found the lost item, and he was shocked to see that it still worked after he charged it up at the camp. But when he checked the videos on it, the man couldn’t believe what he saw. Camera: As it turns out, a bear found the lost camera and took a picture of itself.

Because you don’t see things like this very often, Dylan thought it would be fun to show the world the video. On Facebook, he talked about how he was in a weird situation and shared it.

GoPro: “Last week, while I was out archery hunting, I found a GoPro that had been lost while on a snowmobile.” At camp, I charged it up and couldn’t believe my eyes. In about four months, a big old black bear came across it and managed to turn it on, as well as record himself playing with it.

An American black bear, which is very big, is shown trying to get the camera into its mouth in a video that lasts more than four and a half minutes. During this process, its huge claws can be seen. The big animal then tries to bite the camera because it thinks it’s some kind of food. Due to its strength, it was a surprise that the camera still worked when Dylan came across it.

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