A moment in Alaska where polar bear cub appears to wave to a photographer

Adorable: This is when a pair of polar bear cubs wave to the people. When Laura Keene, a 57-year-old amateur photographer, took this picture on Barrier Islands in Alaska, she was amazed by the beautiful scenery.

The incredible picture shows the one-year-old cubs seeming to wave to the camera. The story behind it explains what happened, so you can understand what happened. One of the bears, the mother and her two young, actually saw another family of polar bears a long way away. So the kids climbed on their hind legs to see better what was going on.

Photographer Laura: “It was such a surreal moment for me when I saw that wave move.” “Even though I knew it was just the cub moving to keep his balance as he stood up, I pressed the shutter with all my might, hoping that I could get a good picture of that scene as our boat rocked and moved away.”

When the two polar bear families heard about it, a huge male polar bear had been spotted sleeping in the area. So the mother was very careful because the males were very mean to the cubs.

“That day, our bear guide, Ketil Reitan, looked over the islands and found two families of bears, each with a mother and two cubs.” He could see that the mother bears were sometimes standing from a distance.

Because he was in charge of the boat, he took us to the right place. When we arrived, he saw the reason: A huge male polar bear was sleeping nearby.

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