You can’t support but laugh when you hear this little lion cub try to roar!

A lion is one of the most powerful and fiercest animals in the world, without a doubt. I think all the other animals in the wild (and even in the zoo) are afraid of them. It’s one of the main reasons lions are so scary because of how they sound. There’s no sound like the roar of a lion, right? As long as you hear that noise, your heart will start to beat faster. On the other hand, Lions aren’t born with that big roar in them!

They have to do something to get it, but the instinct is already there. So, if this video is anything to go by, lions start working on their powerful roars very early in their lives. The cute little lion cub in the clip is already trying to be like the Lion King by making a scary roar.

…but he’s still very young and doesn’t know what to do. You know he’ll figure it out one way or another. As long as we can, let’s enjoy how cute he is. It’s hard to believe that this little ball of fur will grow into a big, strong lion.


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