A rescued Indonesian monkey falls head over heels in love with everyone

Until recently, we believed that dogs were the only animals capable of becoming friends with everybody they encountered, but it turns out that a tiny rescued monkey has taken that honor away from the canines.

It’s been a few months since we brought you to a lovely story about a newborn monkey that takes care of five baby ducks as if they were her own. The video went viral due to the overwhelming amount of cuteness back then. The internet was captivated by the baby monkey and her duckling pals with approximately 80 million views.

The monkey, named BiBi, was rescued from a zoo in Indonesia and now resides at the Animal Home, a sanctuary for rescued animals. On the other hand, BiBi has become friends with all of them. As a result, her films are frequently shared on social media.

We’ve chosen a few of our favorite photos of the adorable newborn monkey to share with you.

BiBi had a soft spot for all the farm animals, but it turns out that her best buddies are still the ducklings!

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