The hotel’s giraffes are acting brazenly by having breakfast there.

These giraffes are being cunning by sneaking breakfast via the hotel window.

At the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, two of the meter-high giraffes poke their heads through the windows as Alex Timothy makes his way down to breakfast.

The giraffes’ heads swivel from side to side as they look for food in the dining room. Admiration from Alex’s seven-year-old daughter is palpable.

Even when she sits at her table, Amelia makes sure the giraffe has a snack before the other guests give the long-tongued gannet a taste of their leftovers.

“It was Amelia’s dream to visit Giraffe Manor and enjoy contact and touching a giraffe,” said Alex, a visitor from Moscow, Russia. It was a wonderful experience for her because she was a nature lover.

We’ll have to go back and look at them, I believe.”

Nairobi’s Langata neighborhood is home to the Giraffe Manor, a 12-acre verdant oasis.

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