A huge 900lb bear won’t sleep until he gets belly rubs, so he won’t fall asleep.

Every time his human carer comes near him, this Syrian brown bear acts like a puppy and wants to play. Even though they are considered dangerous and unpredictable, these giant animals are very gentle, especially when people are around. Jenny is one of them!

The Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, is a rehabilitation center for orphaned bears. Leo is a 24-year-old bear, and he lives there with other orphaned bears. People love and care for these giants in this place, and belly rubs are one of their favorite things to do before going to bed. Leo is a big fan of belly rubs. But with so many caring people, it couldn’t have worked out any other way than this.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

People who don’t take care of their bears will love this place. Back in 1990, Jim Kowalczik and his wife Susan started the center with the help of many bears. They helped and rehabilitated a lot of them. However, some of them stayed here because they wouldn’t have survived in the wild. But Jim and Susan, and Kerry Clair, who also runs the orphanage, always made sure the gentle giants got all the attention and love they could get.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

It’s not just the two Kodiak and two Syrian brown bears that live there. Jim sometimes comes along with them just to make them feel more at home. The heroes we all need are people like Jim, Susan, and Kerry, who are always willing to go above and beyond for these animals. They are the people we need in this world!

Every day at the Otisville wildlife center looks like this.

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