In this heartwarming picture, a mother and daughter joey meet again at a wildlife sanctuary.

At a wildlife sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia, a baby kangaroo meets her mother for the first time in a long time. The little joey was brought to the center with an injured tail. After getting the medical care she needs, she meets her mother again. People at the sanctuary took a picture of the heartwarming moment.

But for joey’s mother, the trip to the Lucky Stars Wildlife Sanctuary was like coming home. When she was rescued years ago, she went to that place. In 2019, she was able to go back out into the wild. She came back to ask for help again. Like Kerrie Carroll, kind people were more than happy to look after her and her baby.


Footage from earlier this month shows the baby kangaroo, Leah. She has her tail bandaged, but she runs right up to her mom’s pouch when the staff frees her from a blanket. The two will stay at the sanctuary for a few more days until they are well enough to leave.


“She trusted us and came home when she was hurt,” Kerrie said to Storyful. They will often find their way home when they are hurt or to show us their new babies.

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