A barking dog finds a stranded dolphin.

This is the moment a quick-thinking dog helps a helpless marine creature. The brave dog, Leia, discovered the newborn porpoise abandoned on the shore and began barking, sending his owner to it. The man finally saved the hapless beast.

Rich Wilcock, a keen photographer, was walking his 2-year-old dog Leia near Criccieth, Wales, when she started barking uncontrollably as if trying to get her father’s attention. Rich’s dog led him to a beached sea monster.

In the man’s own words: “I was photographing the magnificent scenery when Leia started fussing.” It was as if she had smelt the dolphin from a mile away. “At first, I assumed it was a young shark, but when I got closer, I saw the blowhole on top of his head and recognized it was a dolphin.”

Though Rich identified the water creature as a dolphin, a Seawatch Foundation marine biologist believes it is more likely a newborn porpoise. Porpoises are marine mammals that resemble dolphins but are related to belugas and narwhals.

Regardless, Rich saved the baby’s life by guiding it back to deep waters. To ensure the baby porpoise was secure, he and Leia stayed another hour on the beach.

“There was nobody nearby for miles, so I did what I could,” Rick added. Then I gently popped him back amid the waves, and he swam away into deeper water.

The man said his dog got additional treats when they came home since she deserves all the credit for the rescue. “She is a genius dog,” Rich added.

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