A rare meeting with a wild mountain gorilla family

The apes were more friendly than expected, even pampering the man. The sweet moment was captured on camera!

When John J. King II visited Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, he only hoped to see the endangered species. But he got much more. A group of gorillas decided to visit their camp, and King found himself in the thick of an unusual confrontation.

Screenshot via Youtube

The man was struck by a mixture of anxiety and exhilaration at the unusual event, but he couldn’t believe his eyes. While the man sits still, the young gorillas approach him, perhaps curious, while the adults cautiously observe from afar. The kids even climbed on King’s back and started grooming him.

Screenshot via Youtube

“The trackers urged us to sit in a passive attitude, and they will generally go away,” King told National Geographic. “One of the babies gently gripped my arm. I can’t express how gentle it was. It was like a cute little kid stroking your arm.”

King didn’t make a move, knowing how dangerous the silverbacks are, especially with their kids around.

“Instead of leaving, it followed me and began grooming me on the shoulder and head,” he added. “When the silverback approached, I was transfixed and determined not to look him in the eye.”

Screenshot via Youtube

The gorgeous creatures were once considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Only 680 remained in the wild, half of them in Bwindi National Park. Thanks to several conservation projects, this species now has over 1,000 individuals globally.

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