In this heartwarming video, a lion’s father tries to get rid of his little cubs.

The animal kingdom is full of funny things meant to cheer you up. But even the most fearless predators have their moments. You might expect a dog, cat, or most pets to be silly. Let’s look at this beautiful lion, for example. Its antics made everyone laugh.

An adorable video shows a lion father just how hard it is to raise kids. Even more, if you look at how he’s running away from his responsibilities, you might think that it’s the hardest thing. With four restless lion cubs on your way, the day can be a lot to deal with. OR, you can try this dad’s method.

The short video shows a moment that looks just like a scene from The Lion King, where Simba can’t get enough of his dad. However, instead of having just one of them, we now have four of them! Right?

Anyway, the video starts with the lion’s dad taking care of his kids. But he hopes he can keep an eye on them from afar. But in the cubs’ view, that won’t happen because they keep up with the male even when he’s running away.

Maybe not the best example of being a parent, but it’s still interesting to see. After all, this video has been watched more than 18 million times. So, look around:

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