A very rare black flamingo was caught on camera by a tourist in Cyprus.

Wildlife experts from all over the world were baffled when they saw a very rare and unusual bird. In Cyprus, a photographer has caught a black flamingo in the act. It looks like a work of art, and its beauty is nothing short of breathtaking.

Though it might be the only black flamingo globally, there is a reason for the bird’s feathers. A very rare genetic condition known as Melanism is thought to be why this bird has dark plumage. Melanism is different from albinism because it causes the feathers to be too dark.


If you look at birds, Melanism has been seen a few times in ducks and even hawks, but not other types of bird species. Then, a few years ago, an amateur photographer in Israel took a picture of what looked like a black flamingo. But wildlife experts say it’s the same bird, even though it’s not the same. Because flamingos travel a lot, the bird spotted in Cyprus is likely the same one seen in Israel. Felicity Arengo, a conservationist at the American Museum of Natural History, said this.


The black flamingo, found at the Akrotiri Environmental Center in Cyprus, can use its dark feathers as a good defense against predators. But because everything has a price, its feathers are fragile because they are so dark.


The rare flamingo bird can be seen below.

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