A wheelchair made for a husky born without paws gives him a new lease on life.

It was Maya’s birth that made her different from other dogs. She’s a beautiful Husky. When Maya was born, she had a disability that made it hard to get around. She was born without all four paws. As you can imagine, this made it very difficult for her to do even the most simple things, let alone run or play like other dogs can.

Another thing that Maya has is that she is sick all the time. She also has a degenerative condition that affects her hips, making it hard to walk. If that wasn’t bad enough, Maya also has a condition called bines, making it even more difficult for her to move around.

Even though she had so many problems, it might look like the cards were stacked against her. That’s not all Maya had. She had a strong spirit that no one could take away from her: The cute Husky is a real fighter, even though he looks like a puppy.

If Kit, a kind-hearted woman, didn’t want to give up on the dog even though vets didn’t think she had much chance, she gave the dog home. The kit found Maya on Facebook, and she was the first person he ever fell in love with. With the help of a custom set of wheels and a little love and care from her new owner, Maya was able to smile when she came out the other side.

She wears a flower crown better than any of us. Have you ever seen a dog like this? It’s true: She takes better pictures than most people I know. Look around!

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