It’s so full that the bear can’t even walk.

In the wilderness, you have to be ready for anything. On the other hand, this bear seems to have taken these words a lot more seriously than they should have. This chonky guy ate so much that he couldn’t move. This is how he was preparing for the winter. The hungry bear was recently caught on camera in the Katmai National Park and Preserve. The footage of him is gold on the internet.

With winter coming quickly, the bear, also known as 747, wanted to be ready, so he grew to a huge size. The dominant male weighs around 1,400lb, and he’s not done yet. It won’t be a problem if he can walk because he is so big. Even though 747 has been caught on video by the National Park Service struggling to climb a riverbank.


Even though he’s become an Internet sensation, the bear’s heft isn’t out of the ordinary because he’s the largest bear to live on the Brooks River. His story is great for conservationists because he eats so many salmon, no matter how weak he is.

Ranger Naomi Boak at Katmai National Park and Preserve said, “This is a story about an ecosystem in good shape.” “It’s about salmon that can live in cool and freshwater.”


This isn’t the first time 747 has had trouble moving because of his size. It’s almost impossible for another bear to overtake 747 as the fattest bear at Brook Falls in the next few years because of how hungry he is. Imagine what a typical meal looks like for a huge animal. This summer, he was eating about 15 salmon in a few hours. So, do the math!

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