Sailors rescue Lost dog on Arctic iceberg.

When a Russian icebreaker ship crew noticed a white creature stuck on a drifting iceberg near the Arctic, they all assumed it was an Arctic fox until they drew closer. Thanks to the brave seamen, the tired animal was saved. The moment was captured!

The dog, a one-year-old Samoyed from Mys Kamenny, northern Russia, got missing. Aika, the puppy, wound up on an iceberg. The harsh temperatures would have been too much for the tiny pup. Frozen on the ice for over a week despite her thick coat. The sailors from the Alexander Sannikov icebreaker saved her life.

One of the sailors captured the dog’s joy upon seeing humans on camera. Aika’s tail wags as the rescuers approach. In addition to saving the helpless dog, they reunited it with its family.

According to Russia 1, navigation assistant Evgeny Nagibin said the dog came onboard by itself. “We later discovered the dog’s owner with the use of a mobile phone.”

Aika was reunited with her owner Svetlana Chereshneva a few days later. But she couldn’t explain how the cute puppy ended up so far away from her house. It was reported that the woman said, “Aika didn’t leave us.” “No idea how she got there.”

It’s good that Aika is safe now and that she’s learned her lesson. Here’s the rescue:

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