An Alaskan bear tried to get into the Golden Retriever’s yard, but the dog fought it off.

A video of a Golden Retriever scaring off a huge bear from a man’s home has recently become very popular. Nicholas Galanin first shared the video on Facebook. On Sunday night, surveillance cameras saw the video and took a picture of the man.

Sitka, an Alaskan town on the Baranof Island, was the setting for this moment. A place is known for having a lot of Alaskan coastal brown bears, a species that is often mistaken for grizzly bears but is very different. These bears are much bigger than their cousins, the grizzly bears. They can weigh up to 1,500 pounds each.

FACEBOOK/Nicholas Galanin

At the beginning of the video, Pretty, an 11-year-old dog, stands his ground and wags his tail as a bear gets closer and closer to him. This is how it looks: Even though the huge animal doesn’t seem scared, the Golden Retriever is still barking and standing firm on his own land. This is what happens: Bear and dog come face-to-face, but Pretty looks more determined than ever to keep his side of the deal. The wild animal eventually makes its way back into the dark.

FACEBOOK/Nicholas Galanin

Change Pretty’s name to “Legend.” He has always been a good bear dog, Galanin wrote in the video. Even though the town is known for having a lot of bears, this kind of thing isn’t very common. We have a lot of bears, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen them get so close together. Pretty’s owner also wrote that.

It’s in the video below.

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