Baby raccoons Lost their mother, lovely pitbull takes them in

Unlike humans, animals are always willing to help. But dogs seem to be the most unselfish beings on Earth, not just animals. Man’s best friend has the kindest soul, and this compassionate pitbull is no exception.

Three lonely baby raccoons lost their mother but found love and care in a loving dog named Ashlyn. Initially perplexed, the lovely pit bull finally adopted and reared the tiny critters as her own. Now she’s preparing them to return to the wild, where they belong.

Instagram/ thehouseofoakley

Rain, Storm, and Hailey were just a few weeks old when their mom died. The poor raccoons seek safety in a Canadian family’s garden. Thankfully, that move would forever alter their lives! The compassionate family, who also owns a pit bull, initially hand-fed the newborn raccoons but then decided Ashlyn would make a perfect adoptive mother.

Instagram/ thehouseofoakley

Ashlyn was initially unsure how to handle her new role as a mother, but things have changed. Thanks to the gentle pit bull’s motherly instincts, they started to look like a big happy family.

“When the trio initially came, Ashlyn was unsure of them,” the dog’s mom Katie posted on Instagram. “After a few days, she’s adopted them as her own puppies.”

Instagram/ thehouseofoakley

Despite Ashlyn’s cute family, both the pit bull and Katie try to teach the newborn raccoons outdoor survival skills. Rain, Storm, and Hailey will eventually return to the wild; thus they must prepare for this!

The three rescued raccoons are doing so well that the family has set up an Instagram account to keep interested parties informed of their progress. “We’re just here to give kids life skills,” Katie stated in a Facebook video shared by The Dodo.

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