A happy puppy is ecstatic to be at the beach.

I remember my first visit to the beach as a child. I started jumping for delight when I saw this new, wonderful home. It turns out that an excitable dog has the same reaction every time she visits the sandy area.

The delightful Tofu has always been unique. Nothing like that at a dog. She’s always been a spunky puppy, full of eagerness for new activities. But her reaction every time she visits her favorite spot — the beach – is pure joy.


More, Tofu’s expressiveness makes everyone smile. How can you not giggle at a happy puppy?! Her mother, Ashleigh MacPherson, was initially embarrassed by her dog’s reaction to the ocean, but she eventually got used to it. Finally, nothing makes you happier than watching your dog happy.


“She still barks,” Tofu’s mother told The Dodo. “She appears to enjoy going to the beach. People we met on our walk would smile when they saw her happy.


Even Tofu’s furry sibling, or other dogs on the beach, can’t keep up with her. Tofu’s love of the seashore is distinct. “My second dog wanted to join in, but she couldn’t jump as high,” the pleased mom remarked. This hyperactive, jumping, loud, ginger-fox-looking dog confused the other dogs we were walking with.
It’s really nice to see a dog like Tofu enjoy anything. I merely wish to share in her joy!

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