Baby koala reunited with his mother after falling from a tree

A joey’s life was in peril after falling from a tree. But because of these dedicated Koala Rescuers, everything was back to normal in a few hours. The happy reunion of the worried mother and her kid was seen on camera.

A newborn koala was separated from his mother in the Adelaide Hills, Australia, a few days ago. Baby koalas frequently fall from branches. Luckily for this little guy, the ground he landed on was covered in leaves.

Luckily, a wildlife rescuer saved the day and kept the tiny joey close to his concerned mother. The woman took the young koala, named Norris, into her arms and returned him to his mother, waiting on the tree. The reunion of the two was adorable.

Our own koala whisperer was able to reconnect this unique duo,’ the rescue organization posted on Facebook.” Mum Doris slid down the tree, and Norris cheerfully slid up on mum’s head. “Kids?”

As the rescuer held the cute fluffy ball, Doris crawled down the trunk to reunite with her baby. The woman who rescued him gently placed the newborn koala on his mother’s back before climbing back to safety.

“While waiting for our tree-climbing team member,” Koala Rescue wrote. “She growled and grred and called Norris’ mother down!”

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