A brave family saves a bear swimming with a plastic jar on its head.

This Wisconsin family’s goal was to have a good time on their fishing trip. But they didn’t know that they would all be called heroes for saving the life of a young bear at the end of the day.

FACEBOOK/Tricia Hurt

Brian Hurt, his wife Tricia, and their son Brady were fishing on Marsh-Miller Lake when they saw something that looked like it was having trouble swimming. Immediately, they went to investigate. When they saw that it was a massive bear in need of help, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The poor animal had his head stuck in a plastic bin, and he was having a hard time keeping his head above water.

FACEBOOK/Tricia Hurt

A bear would have drowned if boaters hadn’t done anything. So they risked their lives to save the animal. That is what Tricia told CNN. “I am sure that he would not have made it to shore.” “We knew that we had to do something,” As you can see, it was a lot of work to get there.

The Hurts walked up to the confused bear slowly. When they were close enough, Brian put his hands around the plastic jar on the bear’s head and pulled it off. Yet, it took a second try to completely free the bear. When the bear found himself free, he started swimming to the shores, much to the delight of his family!

In the end, Brian’s wife took a picture of the moment, which she then posted on Facebook. It quickly spread around the world. That is what she said. Good deed: “We did our good deed for the day. It felt good to help the bear. You don’t like to watch animals fight. Everyone should know that the bear was fine.

FACEBOOK/Tricia Hurt

“We never thought we would ever do this in our lives,” Tricia wrote on Facebook. “We were out on Marshmiller Lake with Brian Hurt and Brady Hurt yesterday when we saw this bear. He was in a bad way.” After all that, he got to the shore.

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