After 12 years apart, elephants meet again in a heartwarming scene.

An old elephant brings back her daughter and granddaughter after 12 years apart in a very moving scene. During the beautiful moment, which took place at Zoo Halle in Germany, elephants were shown to be very affectionate. Pori, a 39-year-old elephant, and her daughter, Tana, a 19-year-old elephant, were reunited hugely. Since then, they haven’t seen each other. Yet, as this moment shows, their love for each other hasn’t changed.

Even more important for the senior elephant, she also met her two granddaughters for the first time. They were 4 and 1 years old when they first met. Shortly after Pori and Tana touched their trunks, the daughter ran to show her mother her two children. However, they greet each other, it looks like they’ve known each other for a long time.

This is how Pori first came to Germany: at the Magdeburg Zoo in 1983. He was born there in 1981 and moved there when he was 3. Since this is where she lived until 1997 when she was moved to the Tierpark Berlin, where she was part of a breeding project. Tana was her first calf. She was born in 2001.

Elephants are very social, unlike most other wild animals. A matriarch, or strong woman, is in charge of the herd. She is very important to her family. During the first few years, the bulls usually leave the pack. The females stay together for life, and the bond they have is something you don’t see in the wild.

Halle Zoo Director Dennis Muller: “Pori’s arrival is a big step forward in elephant care today.” Eventually, all elephant herds in Europe should be cared for in the same way they would be in a real family. Today, we’ve come a long way toward this goal.

h.t: Zoo Halle
Image credits Zoo Halle

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