A stag sneaks up behind an unsuspecting nature photographer.

A wildlife photographer focusing on capturing the perfect shot in a London park was surprised!

An unhappy amateur photographer was stunned by a gorgeous stab that sneaked up behind him. Unbeknownst to the man, another photographer witnessed the wonderful event and captured it on camera. It’s easy to see why the photo went viral!

This guy went out to capture some lovely wildlife photos in Bushy Park London, but he dominated the show. The man desperately sought to capture the perfect photo of the park’s deer, only to be told he was staring incorrectly by a stag.

Roger Clark

Thankfully, more experienced than the unlucky fellow, another photographer caught the stunning image on camera.

“We hadn’t covered the red deer breeding season this year, and with rutting continuing, we thought we’d try our luck,” Roger Clark, 75, told Daily Mail. A man with a camera on a tripod focuses on some deer movement in the ferns ahead. Oblivious of the enormous animal behind him.

The unfortunate photographer eventually noticed something may be wrong, but it was too late. (Roger Clark)

The poor photographer realized there was a problem, but it was too late. (Roger Clark) “Given the angle I was positioned, it seemed like the stag was nuzzled up to pick a pocket off his jeans, so I grabbed a photo,” the senior photographer stated.

The deer then backed off, looking at the photographer to say, ‘Your model is right behind you!’ “Am I unworthy of you?” Mr. Clark felt sorry for him. “He never realized what he missed, and the red deer and I both gave up and went our own ways.”


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