Watch this adorable video of a pair of owls when they see a camera on the doorbell.

Sometimes, the cutest animal videos are caught by accident. If you want to surprise nature somehow, you don’t even need to be a good photographer to do it! All it takes is a little luck and the right time. However, they didn’t need much more than a doorbell camera and some owls on their porch.

When Lyndsay and her family moved into their new home, everyone thought it would be a quiet area. On the other hand, when Lyndsay moved into her new home, she heard some noises coming from the front porch. Until the other day, she didn’t know what that was. She couldn’t hold back her laughter when she finally learned it.

It turned out that a group of owls was walking by her house. When they saw the doorbell camera, they became very interested in it. Even two night-time birds got into a small fight over a meal they didn’t want to share. Both of them hilariously looked at the security camera. When the doorbell camera company shared the video, it quickly became a hit.

Lyndsay, a big fan of owls, was very excited about her surprise visitors. Anybody who knows her knows that she is a huge fan of owls. Owl decor is all over her house. : “These owls were so interesting! They were so excited to look at the camera!

Watch the funny moment, here:

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