Goose looks after Puppy as if it were her own.

Even if the cub in question is not their own, every mother’s inclination is to aid any and all cubs, no matter what kind of animal they are. We’re sure you’ll be moved by the tale we’ve got for you today. After being abandoned, this pup spent the night on the streets, searching for a place to stay out of the rain and the chilly air. An unsuspecting mother goose jumps up to protect her baby goose, who was left alone since onlookers paid no attention.

It was only a matter of time until the goose rushed to the puppy’s aid, swaddling it and shielding it from the cold with her wings. The pup immediately fell asleep, and stayed that way until the following morning.

The next day, a passerby saw and recorded a goose guarding a puppy and uploaded it on all of his social media accounts. In a short period of time, this image was shared, liked, and commented on by an enormous number of people. This maternal instinct, I’m sure you’ll agree, tugs at your heartstrings, and it has the power to warm even the coldest heart.

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