A humpback whale that is friendly to divers gives them an experience of their lives.

In this picture, you can see the adorable moment that two people met for the first time in their lives. There is a lot of footage that shows how clever these fish are. There is nothing gentle about humpback whales, even though they are some of the largest animals on Earth.

Though they are fascinating, it’s almost impossible to have a close encounter with these giant sea creatures. It doesn’t matter how, but there is one place on Earth where humans can easily get into the water. They all come to Tonga every year to give birth. As long as whales have been around, they have chosen this Polynesian island as the best place to give birth to their young because the water is calm and there are no predators.

Even though people can get close enough to the whales to see them. There are some rules about how to get near them in this place. However, the huge animals sometimes come close to divers because they are curious. It’s what happened to this very lucky woman just recently. At the same time, a whale came up from the depths and was very friendly to her. She was swimming close to the surface of the water.

The animal was asking for belly rubs because she rolled on her back a lot as she swam very close to a woman in the water. So it’s no surprise that the lucky woman will never forget it. Screams of happiness from the diver say it all.

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