This unlikely friendship is the sweetest hug you can get in the wild.

Not only once, but sometimes, wild animals show each other a lot of love and care. Recently, a photographer took a picture of one of the best animal moments ever. Love and friendship have no boundaries, and two people who were not friends before proved that to the world.

The phrase “Sometimes all you really need is a good cuddle!”

Zaheer Ali, a guide and photographer, was on a safari trip when he took out his camera to try to get a picture of a rhino in the South African bush. Besides, the huge animal had a lot of little friends with it – a group of oxpeckers. It’s a common sight in the African savanna because these two species live together somehow. However, Ali couldn’t believe what he saw when he saw the huge rhino and its tiny guest having a very tender moment.


The Red-billed Oxpecker gave his friend the best hug with his head on the rhino’s horn. When Ali took a picture of the adorable moment, she got to see one of the most beautiful things that nature had to show off at the time.

In a blog post from Zali Safari, Ali wrote that she had never seen anything like this before. When the bird was on the rhino’s horn, I took the picture with my camera.


The oxpecker and the rhinos have a very close relationship most of the time. All-day long, tiny birds sit on the backs of mammals. Clearly, It’s a good thing for both of them. Their food is fly larvae found on a rhino’s skin. Many problems could have happened if these birds didn’t eat all of the food they had. People in the Swahili language call the red-billed oxpecker Askari was kifaru, which means “the rhino’s guard.”

Red-billed oxpeckers are also friends with zebras, bison, and wildebeest living in the African plains.

h.t: teamzali | thedodo

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