Footage from the boat shows a bald eagle taking the fisherman’s salmon.

The bald eagle is a beautiful bird. There is no question about that. One of the best things about seeing one of these birds in their natural habitat is seeing them in their natural setting. But you have to remember that eagles are predators and have excellent hunting skills, so you don’t want one of these birds to get too close to you.

This is what Ashton Philips, a fisherman from British Columbia, found out about these birds. He has a video to prove it.

Ashton was out on his boat on a quiet afternoon when he saw a bald eagle flying around his boat. He thought the eagle was just curious, but the bird was after the fisherman’s catch of the day, not the other way around. A bald eagle flew right at Ashton’s boat as fast as he looked up.

When Phillips was on CTV News, he said, “I saw this one eagle kind of circling, and it was near the shore. I took out my camera and took a picture.” Out of nowhere, it started to head toward the boat in a split second. Before it snagged and flew off, I didn’t know it was there. It was a pretty weird experience.

Before he could figure out what was going on, the bird had already swooped in and taken his fish away. Fortunately, he was able to record the whole thing. The video shows that those wild animals are truly superb and show how amazing they are once again.

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