A tiny lion cub falls out of a tree after climbing up.

It’s the same for babies as it is for kids. They are very attracted to things they shouldn’t do, just like kids do. Our puppies and kittens, and wild animals are all the same. The little ones always want to go on new adventures, even if these could put their lives at risk, but that makes them so cute. He learned this lesson the hard way this time.

It was funny when a wildlife photographer caught the moment that a lion cub fell out of the tree. Though it makes people laugh, the cute little thing found it very painful. As soon as he hits the ground, he immediately regrets it and runs to his father for help.

Sonia Rousseau

People in Kenya took a picture of it at the Kicheche Olare Motorogi Conservancy, and it turned out to be real. The cub is said to have climbed up a tree to get some rest, but it wasn’t the best idea.

It was a very special morning when the 47-year-old Paris-based photographer took this picture. “I’m always excited about what might happen,” the photographer said to CATERS. A tiny bear cub was sitting on a branch of a tree when we got closer to it,

Sonia Rousseau

Sonia Rousseau, a wildlife photographer, was in the right place at the right time to take a picture of the moment.

“After a few seconds, it was hanging from the tree by its front legs, then fell to the ground and ran to his father for help,” the French photographer said.

Sonia Rousseau

The following picture shows the cub getting a little love from his protective father.

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