The mother elephant guards her calf from tourists by refusing to speak to outsiders.

Amazing footage shows a mother elephant preventing her youngster from approaching a group of safari tourists. “Don’t talk to strangers,” she seems to be saying.

Elephant calfs, like any other newborn, have a natural curiosity. They’re either trying to figure out why their noses are so long, why they can’t fit into their old bathtubs, or they’re just unwilling to leave the mud site.

So it’s understandable that when the cub in this video sees a group of tourists, he wants to explore. His mother, on the other hand, holds a different viewpoint. She snatches her little infant away as quickly as she can in an overprotective attitude.

The Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa was used to film the video. Even the rangers were moved by this caring mother. They said in the video caption that it’s “almost as if she’s saying, ‘Don’t talk to strangers.'”

The infant, perplexed, decides to follow his mother. Mom, after all, always knows what’s best. You’ve done a great job as a parent. It wasn’t a huge deal to the mother. She, on the other hand, calmly and skillfully moved her calf’s attention to something else, which could have led it away from danger.

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