A friendly dog brings home a ‘puppy,’ Actually, it’s a black bear cub, not a puppy.

Most dogs are very friendly, so it is natural to become friends with any living thing they meet. Then, when they go on a trip through the neighborhood, they might bring home some company. Because this dog went a little too far, though!

People in Washington County were shocked when their dog brought home a baby animal that he found while walking in the woods near their home. Even a bear cub. The family didn’t know what to do at first, but they found out that their dog had saved the bear’s life when they looked closer.

Facebook/Richard Vaughan

Because it weighed less than 1.2 pounds, it looked bad. The tiny creature looked like he had been left behind by his family, or maybe he got lost. Because neither his mom nor his siblings were anywhere to be found. He was very thirsty and confused.

A post on Facebook by Richard Vaughan says, “Look at what the dog brought home.” It was brought home by a family pet dog this afternoon, and a conservation officer came over to check it out.

Facebook/Richard Vaughan

The hopeless cub went right to the best place as a good thing. This family was quick to help him out. As soon as they saw the baby bear, the people took it to the Wildlife Center of Virginia to get help. He was put into an incubator right away by people who were very concerned about his health. They fed him the vitamins and minerals he needed to get better.

Facebook/Richard Vaughan

Fortunately, the little one got better in a few months, and now he’s back in the wild with a new mom.

As a group, we all work together to give a wild animal what it needs most: food! Amanda Nicholson, who runs the Wildlife Center, said this to Bored Panda. “Wednesday was a good day for the black bear cub to be raised. New mom: “He’s out in the wild now.”

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