To save the drowning dog, a kind man risked his own life. The pond was frozen over.

He put his own life at risk to save a stray dog from certain death. After he fell into an icy pond, the dog found himself in trouble. As a result, this hero ran to take him out right away and saved the day!

People say that a black and white stray dog was trying to chase down a duck on a frozen lake. The ice broke, and he fell into the freezing water. People were shocked by how hard it was for the dog to get out.

People were walking by, but no one did anything to help the dog until a brave man came to help. His shirt and shoes were off, so he ran right up to the dog, kneeled down, and grabbed it. However, it was hard to get the animal out because it seemed stuck in something.

To make things even worse, as soon as the man came near, the dog got scared and didn’t know his real intentions. He even bit him. But the man was very careful when he approached him. Finally, he grabbed him and took him out safely.

Thanks to this brave man, the poor dog was finally found, and he ran off right away, which means he was not hurt. Our hero got a small bite, but he’ll be fine.

The dramatic rescue is below.

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