A faithful dog runs after an ambulance to stay by his owner’s side.

Heartwarmingly, a tiny dog was caught on camera running after an ambulance in a desperate bid to stay by the side of his sick human friend.

Neither of them has anyone else but each other. However, when Spike’s young owner is taken away by an ambulance, the dog shows a strong loyalty to his master. An ambulance crew in Taguatinga, a city in Brazil, has noticed that a dog has been following them for a long time. In the end, the little guy was willing to risk his own life to stay with the ambulance.

Celaosmar Ferreira, an emergency worker who has worked for 19 years, told the newspaper Correio Braziliense: “I have never seen such a scene in my work.” Because the animal could be run over, we were moved and worried about its health and safety.

There was no way the emergency crew knew that the dog following them was actually the best friend of the man they were talking to a hospital. They were shocked. But when they make a stop on their way, they realize that it was a mistake. “When we stopped at an intersection, he came to stand in front of the ambulance.” As soon as possible, we went to pick him up.

When the dog saw that his friend was in trouble, he jumped right in. The dog didn’t leave his owners when they got to the hospital. As it turns out, the young man’s medical condition was not very bad, so he and his four-legged friends were able to leave soon after.

It doesn’t matter that the young man doesn’t live in the best conditions and doesn’t have any money. He’s still richer than many people because he has a friend like that! The tiny dog’s journey is shown below.

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