He sneaks away from home to meet wild deer.

It turns out that dogs aren’t just humans’ best friends. They’re also best friends with other animals. Recently, we’ve seen some extraordinary friendships. And it looks like huskies are more likely to find their best friends in other species.

He tried to find Koda as hard as he could when she went missing in December last year, but he couldn’t find her. It was only when the dog’s owner, Rachel Howatt, lost all hope that the clever husky found its way back home. “We looked for her, but in the end, she just came back,” Howatt said to The Dodo. “She’s
really smart, so I didn’t think she couldn’t get home.”

To figure out where she could have been, Howatt checked her neighbor’s trail cam. Just to make sure she didn’t see her dog Konda in the woods near their home in Manitoba. Ontario is a province in Canada, and Manitoba is in its middle. And the footage showed something worthy of a Disney story.

She was spending time with her new friend, a wild deer when she went missing. They even ate and slept together. Howatt said that it was “quite something.” As far as I could tell, they were together for more than 12 hours.” There’s also a picture where there are two bucks with her.

Howatt said she’ll do her best to keep her dog at home, but she might not be able to because Koda will want to see her friend again. Howatt: “Huskies have such a free spirit.” The fact that Koda was trying to make new friends doesn’t surprise me!

Dogs and deer aren’t always best friends, but this isn’t the first time. The video below shows a very different pair of people hanging out all day long:

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