Proud Labrador’s dad shows his puppies how to swim.

Apparently, not only do children learn how to do things from their parents, but animals’ babies learn the same thing from their parents. In the wild, most animals teach their babies how to survive. On the other hand, this dog taught his pups how to swim instead.

Video: A Golden Lab takes his puppies to a small lake to teach them how to swim. Soon after the happy group of pups reaches the pond, the dad dives right in. The pups look a little scared, and only one of them follows his dad. It didn’t take long for all the fluffy balls to get into the lake and start to look around.

Even though dogs live on the ground, they are excellent swimmers, and almost all of them love to spend time in the pool (pond time in this particular situation). So these cute dogs aren’t any different. After swimming for a short time, they went out to look around the shore. And as the proud dad leads them, his little babies follow close behind.

To cool off and learn a new activity, the group went back into the water for a second time. I think this will soon become their favorite thing to do!

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