A picture of a tigress walking through the forest with her five cubs has gone viral.

This picture of a tigress and her cubs is going viral on social media, making the hearts of animal lovers and conservationists happy. There is nothing magical about this picture. It’s just hope-giving because the Indian tiger population was on the verge of extinction a few years ago.

It’s a picture taken by Parveen Kaswan, who works for the Indian Forest Service and is also a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This woman might be the first one to be seen with five cubs. There are usually two or three cubs for a tigress to raise.

Instagram: Prveen wrote: “This is a magical picture. I love it.” Count the cubs with the tigress, and then write them down. Few people will be happy after seeing this. Making sure this species doesn’t die out is one of the things people are working on.

In 2014, the Indian government started a successful conservation project that worked well. Since then, the tiger population has grown by more than 33%. There are now about 3,000 people living in the Indian wilderness. That’s more than 70% of the world’s tiger population, around 4,000 people. He says that now, India is “one of the tiger’s largest and most secure habitats.”

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