In India, an elephant cub had to be pulled out of a well that was 30 feet deep.

After an elephant calf fell into a well in a remote Indian village, rescuers had to figure out a complicated way to get it out.

In the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, a baby elephant fell into a well that was 30 feet deep by accident. Before this month, the calf and its herd came from a nearby forest into the village. The herd was eventually pushed away by the people in the area. It was dark when the incident happened, so the elephant didn’t get out until after the sun came up in the morning.

Twitter/ Shashikant Verma

I love this picture because it is so heartwarming. It was an elephant calf that fell into a well open in a village in Jharkhand. After eight hours of rescue work by the forest department, the calf was found.

Twitter/ Shashikant Verma

An elephant calf fell into the well during the night, said a local official. Even though the water level was high and the calf fell from a high place, it didn’t get hurt. “The water level wasn’t high enough, but the calf got some buoyancy after it fell and didn’t get hurt,” Verma said.

Many people worked together to save the elephant calf, but it took a lot of time, three backhoes, and three backhoes. But in the end, it was worth it because the little one was freed without being hurt. That thing was a little confusing, but it had the scare of its life, too!

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