In viral video footage, an Alaskan man feeds large bald eagles.

The majestic bald eagle – one of America’s most enduring icons – is a sight that is almost unheard of. However, when you live in an area where the largest bald eagle population on the planet can be located, things are a little more complicated. Unalaska, Alaska, has a human population of fewer than 5,000 people, but it is home to approximately 600 bald eagles, despite its small human population.

YouTube/jessie peck

Because Dutch Harbor is not only the most important fishing port in this region, but it may well be the most important fishing port in the world, it is natural for bald eagles to congregate here in quest of food. Because the seafood in these waterways is so abundant, fishermen often leave something behind for the enormous birds to eat. Nonetheless, in particular, one man has created viral video footage of his eagle feeding session.

YouTube/jessie peck

A man called Jesse Peck approached the deck with a bowl full of shrimp, intending to share it with the bald eagles that had gathered there for the evening. However, as soon as he began to feed the gorgeous birds, more and more of them began to flock to him. The end product was a breathtaking spectacle that should not be missed by any bird enthusiast. Similar to a feeding frenzy, the enormous flock of eagles descended on Peck’s dish of shrimps and devoured everything in it. After a while, the man even threw some pieces into the air, where the gorgeous birds swooped in and collected them in a swarm.

But that wasn’t all, since immediately after he finished feeding the eagles, Peck grabbed his camera and demonstrated that there were many more eagles scattered throughout the port. With over eight million views, the film became a viral sensation! “It’s just another day in Alaska,” Peck captioned the photograph. You can see the stunning moment in the video below:

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