The orphaned baby rhino can’t stop hugging his new mom.

People and animals both have feelings. There’s no doubt about it. With people who look after them, or more, people who saved their lives. There isn’t any difference between this cute baby rhino and the other cute ones.

It wasn’t long after he was born that his mother was killed by hunters. Because he was saved just in time, he was taken to the Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. The little calf was afraid and confused, and he thought he didn’t have anyone to comfort him anymore. Fortunately, he met Laura Ellison, a vet nurse at the orphanage.

First, she fell in love with him when she saw him, but she didn’t know why. After losing his real mother, she gave him the love and comfort he needed. When the cute calf sees his new mom, he can’t stop hugging him.

When Kabelo came to the orphanage, “I have been with him since he came to the orphanage, and we have formed a very strong relationship.” He is very comfortable with me, but not many people are.

Even though Laura has looked after many orphaned rhinos, she says Kabelo is unique, and their bond is so special. There is still a lot of wild animal in the little one. He can love so forgivingly, though. “Humans took his mother, and for him to trust me in the way he does makes me very sad.” Rhinos should be able to live with their mothers without interference from people.

As soon as he is old enough, Kabelo will return to the wild. Until then, he enjoys every moment with his adoptive mother. Kind of the woman: “His ability to love and the pure gentleness of that love will always take my breath away.”

h/t: Instagram | boredpanda

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