Baby deer is saved from drowning by a therapy dog.

He bravely leaped into the water and paddled around 200 feet off the shore to save the life of an adorable baby deer. However, this is not where the kind dog ended her efforts. Even after removing her from the water, he continued to provide for the tiny creature’s needs.

Ralph Dorn, a Virginia resident, and Harley, his 6-year-old Goldendoodle, went on a walk earlier this month. Having a nearby lake makes it easy for Ralph and his dog to express their adventurous side.

Harley enjoys discovering new locations to explore in and around the lake, so he will always stay close to his owner. Until one day, the dog had vanished without a trace all of a sudden. But Ralph didn’t see his youngster until he peeked at the water’s surface. There were others with him, as well. Ex-marine quickly observed the canine carrier of an additional animal.

A helpless fawn floated helplessly in the middle of the lake. When Harley saw the juvenile deer in distress, he rushed to its aid. It’s not clear how it got there in the first place, except for the compassionate dog’s continued care of the poor animal after he had brought it to shore. That’s all.

Ralph told People that “Harley didn’t want to leave the fawn.” As he continued to caress and make contact with the object. In the beginning, we could tell that he had a decent heart. He’s always been this way when it comes to children and animals. “He has a soft spot for all of them.”

I don’t know how that baby deer wound up in the lake, but Ralph is pleased with his dog for saving the day! After some deliberation, Harley’s pleased owner chose to post a video of her dog’s heroic deed on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, with many people appreciating the good deed.

Regardless of how the fawn got out there, “Harley certainly didn’t ask why. He immediately leaped into action,” Ralph wrote in a now-viral blog post. My dog Harley gently returned to the home with me once the small one had calmed down and had stopped bleating, tail wagging, and sniffing each other. ”

Credits : Ralph Dorn

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