Inside and out, this is the most unique chicken on the globe.

Every animal species on the planet has its own distinctive characteristics. But some creatures have earned a reputation for being among the most unique on the earth. And the appearance of this chicken is unquestionably revolutionary in the world of poultry. The Ayam Cemani is here!

This stunning bird hails from Indonesia is one of the world’s most endangered kinds of chicken. It is considered one of the most enigmatic breeds ever because of the extraordinary coloration of its feathers. However, this chicken’s black plumage isn’t the only thing that sets it apart. All of Ayam Cemani’s body, from feathers to feet, is totally black, including its meat, bones, and organs. Fibromelanosis, a rare skin disorder, makes all of these things conceivable. Extra melanin appears to be released into the body due to this inherited disease. While the chicken is not harmed in any way, the entire procedure occurs within the embryos of the bird.

Genomic rearrangement has been demonstrated, according to scientist Leif Andersson of Uppsala University in Sweden, who spoke to National Geographic about his findings. “Because the mutation that causes fibromatosis is so unusual, we know it happened just once. Why are we so interested in this? ”

Since the 12th century, Ayam Cemani has played a significant role in Javanese folklore. The aristocracy revered the black chicken as a symbol of their status and wealth.

The beautiful Ayam Cemani is shown below!

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