Rescued bald eagle’s touching reunion with a lifelong mate

Because the bald eagle represents freedom and independence, it symbolizes the United States of America. Ironically, these iconic birds are disappearing all over the country because of human intervention. Unfortunately, the species is on the verge of extinction due to their primary food source contamination. On the other hand, some wildlife rehabilitation centers are doing everything they can to aid these magnificent birds of prey. It can take several months for an eagle to recover from poisoning as far as they are concerned!

Among these is the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Nova Scotia. And thanks to the generous workers at the center, two gorgeous bald eagles were able to reunite. This happened when a massive eagle named “Birdzilla” was released into the wild.

Image credits: Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

A few months previously, a giant eagle had been brought in. It was clear that the female had been poisoned and was very bad. ‘She couldn’t hold her head up,’ the personnel at the center told me.

A veterinarian and director of the wildlife center say, “We had seven eagles at our house when we got her… but she made the other ones appear like mini-birds.”

Image credits: Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

They were reunited with the bird they’d lost after a long separation because of these people’s generous efforts.

Image credits: Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

When Helene Van Doninck learned that “she got strong, gradually, and we understood with her being such a huge, powerful female this time of year… this time of year is essential for them, protecting their territory, nest building, getting ready for the forthcoming mating season—so we made the call.” It was a beautiful day, and she was taking off like a fighter jet in our enclosure, so we decided to let her go on Saturday.

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